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A believer does not need to
wait until Heaven to
experience an intimate
relationship with the Lord.
When you are born again,
your life becomes His, and
He pours His life into yours.
This is the mystery that the
Bible reveals: you in Him,
and He in you. Bernita
Conway explains from
personal study and
experience the truth of
"abiding in the Vine," the
Lord Jesus Christ. When
you grasp this understanding
and  begin to walk in it, it
will change your whole life
and relationship with your
heavenly Father!
This book will enhance your intimacy
with the Lord!
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Chapter 6 - Who We Are In Him

Eternal Life is a person, Jesus Christ.  When we go to be with Him in Heaven, we will be in
God. All His creation will become one at that time. Yet God is seeking that now, in us while
we are here on this earth. He wants us to become so close to Him and have such a wonderful
relationship with Him that, when we receive Him, we become sons of God. In Him we come
together into one. We become part of the whole body of Christ.
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