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Daily Reading the Bible with Old
Testament in Chronological Order
Day - Chapters
21- Mt 8-10
22- Mt 11-13
23- Mt 14-16
24- Mt 17-19
25- Mt 20-22
26- Mt 23-25
27- Ps 125; Mt 26,27
28- Mt 28; 1 Th 1-3
29- 1 Th 4,5; 2 Th 1-3
30- Rom 1-4

Day - Chapters
1- Rom 5-8
2- Rom 9-12
3- Rom 13-16
4- Eph 1-4
5- Eph 5,6; Ps 119: 1-80
6- Phil 1-4
7- Col 1-4
8- 1 Tim 1-4
9- 1 Tim 5,6; Titus 1-3
10- 2 Tim 1-4
11- Philem; Heb 1-4
12- Heb 5-8
13- Heb 9-11
14- Heb 12, 13; Jude
15- Jas 1-5
16- 1 Pt 1-5
17- 2 Pt 1-3; Jn 1
18- Jn 2-4
19- Jn 5,6
20- Jn 7,8
21- Jn 9-11
22- Jn 12-14
23- Jn 15-18
24- Jn 19-21
25- 1 Jn 1-5
26- Ps 117; 119:81-176; 2 Jn; 3 Jn
27- Rev 1-4
28- Rev 5-9
29- Rev 10-14
30- Rev 15-18
31- Rev 19-22
We hope for a lot of things. Like hoping for the sun to shine,
for a raise at work, for the kids to act right when we are out
somewhere. Real hope is more than that. Hope is from God.
Hope is part of God's plan. Hope is connected to a substance,
and that substance is Faith! (Hebrews 11:1). Often we don't
see immediate, tangible results from our prayers, or from our
own hopes. But hope, when it is partnered with FAITH,
becomes a substance-something real, something measurable,
or immeasurable, as we consider the vastness of the God of
the universe.

There is much fear, much concern, and much worry all
around us. BUT. We have hope!  We serve a God who is not
indifferent to our concerns, but rather a God who cares for
us, and had provided the Holy Spirit to help us in every

Today, this hour, ask God to infuse you with hope, so you can
live triumphantly, with great faith, and with the God-given
ability to share hope with others. He is Faithful, and He will
do it!  "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as
you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the
power of the Holy Spirit".  (Romans 15:13)
Keep looking up!
By: LuAnn Horton DTh

The word "peace" means "freedom from disturbance;
tranquility". These days, that is hard to come by, with news
reports of closures, and reports of illness, and lack of
supplies. What happened to peace?

The Bible is full of references on peace. How do we get
peace?  How do we keep peace once we get it?  Isaiah 26:3
says "You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed
(trusts, is fixed) on You, because he trusts in You". Trust in
the Lord is essential in both obtaining and maintaining one's

Spend time in prayer, read the Word, listen to the still, small
voice of the Lord in these troubling times. He cares for you.
He intercedes for you. He loves you. Before He left to return
to the Father, He left you a message that can be found in John
16:33. ". I have told you these things, so that in Me you may
have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take
heart!  I have overcome the world".

Be at peace. You are loved.
By: LuAnn Horton DTh  

Trust in Him
Mark 2.1. “It was noised about that Jesus was in the house”.
Any where He went healing took place. He is in your house,
your body. He loves to protect you and be beside you. Jesus is
Lord over all diseases and uncomfortable things,  We love you
and are praying for your peace, your provision and your
Jesus is building His church! The Church is going to Succeed