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, Inc.
Maturing the wheat and ministering to the heart is ... Dayspring
...the Canitoan church children say they want to be ministers and want what Dayspring team has, so that when they
pray for somebody they fall down because they feel the presence of God

...pastor's from Valencia..."We are so blessed spiritually, Dayspring team is a Holy Spirit carrier, you bring the match to
start the fire in our heart."...

...a woman whose heart was ignited by the fire said, "Dayspring team brought anointing to our spiritual life."... pastor said..."I don't know why I don’t get tired of attending every conference and every  meeting Dayspring
had for 10 days straight. I've attended some conferences before and 1 day is a long time, but these conferences here, I
am more inspired, it's the anointing, Hallelujah!"...

...the tribal pastors said, "We were inspired by God's presence, He brought fire to our hearts. We are so thankful to
see the love of God and how there is no discrimination."...

...a Pastora from Villanueva said, "Do it again! We need refreshing because we are drained sometimes in the ministry.
We have a lot of things to think about, a lot of decisions to make, we need refreshing by the Holy Spirit!"...

...a couple that has pastor's a large church with mostly young adults said, "Its a wonderful opportunity to able to
work with you for the glory of God, amen! Dayspring team has truly been a great blessing to us. Thank's to God for
firing the flame once again in our hearts. It's was a wonderful preparation for us, especially with kids coming back to
school. We are now set on fire and prepared for what the Lord is going to do in our campuses. He is going to do great
things and great harvest is waiting out there to know and receive our Lord Jesus Christ, amen! Thank you so much for
imparting the anointing, praise the Lord. To God be all the glory!"... person said, "Dayspring brought spiritual fire!"... the tribal pastor's church in T
alakag,,, the pastor is so thankful to God first, because his son was healed. His son
was diagnosed by the doctor as having acute appendicitis. And he's also thankful for Dayspring, because they prayed
for his son and after prayer the pain subsided and they kept on praying, believing God would heal him completely.
Praise God, the Lord touched his son's body and he has no more pain at all!...

...another pastor
of the Higaonon tribe testified... he was really tired in the ministry wanting to quit, but when he
heard about the conference he said to himself, I will try to attend. After the conference he said that God did not fail
him because the fire of the Holy Spirit burned his heart and the Lord spoke to him, "Go on, go on!" He was crying
unto God and God answered and he was revived in the spirit,...

...a young pastor said, "Hallelujah! We are very thankful for your visits here. We were blessed and empowered by the
Holy Spirit. I was overwhelmed with the love of God through you. The fire and the anointing that you have was
passed on to us. Especially on me, as it is still burning. God renewed my strength to do His will. During the
ministering time, that was so wonderful and amazing I experienced an encounter with God that I have not had since I
got saved. The moment you lay hands on me, BOOM! There was an explosion inside my head. Now, it's all shining
white, God took away all that was inside my head. His message was so clear, God's business will be done not my
own, not my ways but His ways... Glory be to God! Hallelujah to the highest!  God brought Dayspring to us, to
unleash our potentials and not just to be an effective minister but to be the great minister (great in His sight) because
we serve a great God."...

...a pastor who is also a businessman said, "Thank you for coming here in Cagayan de Oro. These were revival
meetings! That is what has happened for many people. They have been revived and set free in many different
churches here. Dayspring team was a great blessing to many. We are in great Joy of what has happened the day you
came to our church and how four people were water baptized. All to His glory!
2017 Dayspring Missions:
     Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines
   Dayspring Church sent a mission team in May to Mindanao to
take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the nation and to
encourage, edify and build the church through the Word are some of the testimonies from pastors, leaders and
others who attended those conferences, services and meetings....
THANK YOU LORD, for all You have done!!!!