Dayspring hosts
gatherings throughout the
year, bringing in guest
apostles, prophets,
evangelists, pastors and
teachers to build up, train
and impart.  Ministers
engaged in five-fold
ministry, church leaders
and workers, and those
searching for God's will in
their lives are all
encouraged to attend.
Dayspring is a regional
center where renewed
vision, refreshment,
healing, encouragement,
nurturing and restoration
are a part of your experience.
Meetings, Gatherings and Tours
Maturing the wheat and ministering to the heart is ...Dayspring
International Ministries of
Dayspring, Inc.
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"Through the tender mercy
of our God; whereby the
Dayspring from on high
hath visited us
"  Luke 1:78
And they steadfastly persevered,
devoting themselves constantly to the
instruction and fellowship of the apostles,
in the breaking of bread and in prayers.
Acts 2:42
God Happenings

9:00am Prayer/Bible Study

 Worship Service
After service on the 3rd Sunday of
each month is Food Sunday. All bring a
family style dish and we all share a meal
and have fellowship.
Hope you'll join us!

7:00pm  Prayer Meeting
These are glorious times in the presence
of the Lord!

Meetings and services are held at 'the
Meeting Place'.
Come to the mountain and
soak in the presence of the Lord!
Heb 10:25
Not forsaking the assembling
of ourselves together, as the
manner of some is; but
exhorting one another: and
so much the more, as ye see
the day approaching.
Prayer for wisdom, discernment, & protection:
-Executve, Legislative and Judicial officials,
representatives, leaders and aides of the United
States Government.

-State and Local Government officials and leaders

-Pastors, leaders and churches

-University, College, Primary and Secondary
School officials, district officials, teachers and
employees. Christ FAITH comes
to effective expression
through LOVE....
United We Shall Stand!
Intimacy with the Lord
Presence of God
Life more abundant
Fulfilling the Great Commission
August 29 - September 11
Dayspring Missions Trip
Nigeria, Africa


Come To The Mountain!
“...and bringeth them up into
an high mountain apart …”  
Matthew 17:1


August 23-26
Pastor Jeff Johns
Thursday 7pm
Friday 2 & 7pm
Saturday 10am & 2pm
Sunday 10am

October 18-21
Pastor Jeff Johns

Come, partake of the Glory!
"Blessed is the nation
whose God is the Lord"
Psalm 32:12